Bed Bath and Beyond Return Policy: It Rocks

By Carlos Portocarrero

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The first time I wrote about Bed Bad & Beyond and their return policy, I was really curious about how a company could be so liberal in taking things back from customers and still make a profit.

After all, aren’t you giving too much of your money away by doing it?

I am no longer asking myself this question—the answer is obvious: customer loyalty. Take a look at the comments from that post and you’ll see how much people love BBB. They give their workers the power to keep customers happy, and that is something most companies won’t do.

257766_Energy Star 200x200The other day I went back and returned another Wok. They gave me a new one with no questions asked.

Then our year-and-a-half old coffee pot broke and we took that back too. They let us pick out a new one of equal value…no hassles.

The Grill Story

But here’s the thing that truly converted me: M and I wanted to buy a grill for the tiny bit of outdoor space that we have, so we bought a Weber Q. Bought it on Amazon but then bought the cart and the cover off of Bed Bad & Beyond’s website because we had a gift card that we needed to use (and the store didn’t have these items in stock).

Then after reading some surprising things online about the Bed Bath & Beyond policy, I did the following:

  • Printed out my online receipt of the purchase of the stand and the cover
  • Grabbed two 20% coupons
  • Went to my local store to ask for the 20% off from the two items I’d bought online

The response?

No problem, I can help you out with that today.

That’s customers service and that’s the way to create a legion of loyal customers.

And that’s how Bed Bath & Beyond not only stays in business but thrives in business. More companies should take a look at the passionate customer base Bed Bath & Beyond has created and take a few pointers.

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8 Responses to “Bed Bath and Beyond Return Policy: It Rocks”

  • How Does Bed Bath and Beyond Stay in Business? Says:

    […] (I’ve stopped asking myself this question and am now a BBB convert. For more on what happened, check out this story) […]

  • Neil Says:


    It must be the cynic in me that makes me wonder what their profit margin is to be able to cover this sort of customer service :)

    Seriously though, they sound like an awesome company.

  • Kimberly Says:

    I have taken back 2 Cuisinart coffee makers and 1 Shark steam mop that malfunctioned, all quickly and efficiently exchanged for new ones. The mop was a year old, the coffee machines more than 2 years old. They did not even WANT to see a receipt. It is so awesome that you can take care of something that should last more than a year through BBB without a lick of hassle, when manufacturer’s don’t stand behind their own products for more than a year! I RAVE about BBB to everyone. Why would you buy stuff anywhere else?

  • Joe Says:

    To answer your question abour how they stay in buisness it goes like this. think aout how much that coffee pot that is sold at $29.99 costs BBB from the manufacturer. lets say $10. That mean for every 3 coffee pots sold if 1 comes back their still making a profit. its simple % to COST math.

  • Sandra Says:

    Also, they except coupons that have expired. :)

  • Vee Says:

    I love them, but this level of customer service is clearly reflected in their prices. Try to buy a new duvet set for your bed, and you’ll see that you can easily buy a whole new mattress, bed frame, and problem a bedside table for that price. Since everything sells separately (or most of the better looking sets), you pay$200 for the duvet, $20 per pillow case, $30 per sham, and $30 for the euro-size pillow cases, and probably another $80 for the sheet set, etc. all this stuff cost them maybe 1/8th of what they charge us. But if you use their coupons, and look at whats on sale, it’s doable. Plus, they price match. So if you do some extra work, you save…but a lot of people don’t, and to them I say “Thank You, you’re funding the customer service I so thoroughly enjoy”.

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