How I Got My New Job

By Carlos Portocarrero

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For the past few months I have been reading tons of articles with tips for job seekers. Over and over, there were a few tips I kept seeing repeated over and over:

  • Networking is the most important thing (which relates to the next bullet)
  • Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job
  • Don’t bother putting your resume online, you’ll get more spam than anything

I was very surprised at how often I saw the third bullet mentioned. Has the Internet really become too big and too crowded for us to find jobs on it? A friend of mine told me that his buddy, whose job it is to hire new people, gets so many resumes that the first thing he does is take half of them and throw them in the trash (“to get rid of the unlucky ones.”). With those kinds of prospects, why would we even try to go the online route?

Well, unless you have a robust network of contacts, where else are you going to go?

I got my new job through Craigslist. It’s also where I got my last freelance gig. has never netted me anything of value except useless spam.

So Craigslist got me a call back, but they didn’t get me an interview. This blog got me the interview. Without it, I wouldn’t have had anything to send in terms of samples. Then I was asked for more samples and I had plenty to choose from. Again, because of the work and time I had put into this blog.

So all those things combined to get me the interview. After that, all the tips and tricks in the world are out the window. I believe that the interview is the place to show who you are. I talked excitedly about the things that excite me about personal finance, and I was honest about what I know and don’t know.

The interview showcased who I was and if I didn’t get the job that it would be fine because it wasn’t me they really wanted.

The lesson learned here? The internet is a great resource for finding a job, especially if you have a specific idea of the job you’re after. So don’t listen to all those experts, all those jobs online still need to get filled by someone.

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