Nov 9 2007

Ad Friday


Product: Netflix
Medium: Print
Campaign Tag Line: Instant Gratification without the Guilt

Ok, working on this campaign has got me thinking about the purpose/usefulness of Ad Fridays. I think it’s good because it gives me a weekly deadline to get work done and hopefully some feedback too. But I think earlier I was putting too much pressure on myself to post “finished” ads. Which these are definitely not (I mean, see last week, which was more of a brainstorm).

But this week I like where I’m going. This is the gist of what I want to do with the campaign. I have an idea for a shorter copy ad and then an ad where it’s just an image and the tagline and somehow the image will convey all the stuff in the copy long one (which is the one I’m posting).

Strategy: People want things now. It’s the society we live in. So I’ve tried to take the most basic of those “gimme now” desires and flipped it a little towards movie watching. Netflix is sometimes criticized for the inability to watch movies right away (waiting for the mailman, etc.). Now they have a “Watch Instantly” feature where you can see movies on your computer (or on TV if you have it hooked up, like I do) immediately. As part of your existing account. No extra charges. That’s what I want to highlight.


As I’ve mentioned before, my art skills are lacking. So please judge me for what I am: a (hopefully soon-to-be) copywriter.

I will continue to revisit previous ads because I’ve noticed after I post them I get a flurry of ideas, changes, things that make it better, etc. Which is great and part of the process since this is all for feedback and motivation.

And please I can’t stress enough, please leave a comment about anything that struck you (or didn’t) about the ad/idea/strategy. Like, is sex too low to go with this ad? etc.


Nov 8 2007

Who is David Droga?


Here is a good bit of reading that’s got me in an ad-y mood. This guy David Droga is a legend in the ad world and the PDF of this interview is a great read. From said interview:

“But you gotta trust your gut. Most people don’t trust their gut and that’s what’s killing our industry is people don’t trust their gut and they need validation from other people.”

He also mentions a unique duality in creatives regarding ego and insecurity, something all writers can relate to. Here is a link to his reel, which includes some incredible spots for the English Army.

Nov 8 2007

Bogle Q + A


Here is a great interview with index-fund king John Bogle.

I especially like his take on ETFs and how really they are nothing but speculative, glorified, more expensive index funds. Something I agree with wholeheartedly, especially for my retirement portfolio (which is my only portfolio right now).

Nov 8 2007

Exciting News


The other day I noticed one particular post I wrote was getting a crazy amount of hits and after looking at the numbers I realized it was because it was getting linked to from the Wall Street Journal.

I was like, huh? Turns out a guy over there wrote an article (which was on their home page) about ETFs and at the very end where it says “Blogs about this topic” BAM, there was my blog listed with a link!

It was all very exciting because it was early in the morning and I knew the whole day was going to bring in crazy amounts of traffic. So I was excited but also kind of down because I didn’t have that much content up yet to keep people hooked and coming back. Here is what it looked like in terms of traffic:


Now, I’ve never had more than 10 visitors a day on my old blogs so this is all very exciting.