Stuff I Use

I’m a cheap guy. I mean really cheap—if you’ve read about my boring lunches then you know I don’t spend money unless I absolutely have to. And even then I make sure I get the best possible deal I can.

So keep that in mind when looking over the following products that I’ve bought and use—this is what a cheapskate like myself has deemed the best possible solution to the problem I needed solved.

Oh and if you have a better/cheaper solution, let me know—maybe if I save some more money I can buy myself some lunch one of these days.

Empire Building Kit (affiliate link)

Empire Building Kit

I first bought Chris’ Work for Yourself Guide (which is down below) and was thoroughly impressed. And honestly, I bought that product only because I was nervous to spend the money on the Empire Building Kit, which is the product I really wanted to buy. Eventually I did, and I’m glad I pulled the trigger. This has been a great investment so far and it’s helping me create my own “empire” of sorts. If you want to make money on the side, you need the case studies, interviews, and experience in this guide. Check out my full review of the Empire Building Kit for more.

Work for Yourself Guide (affiliate link)

Working for Yourself
Chris Guillebeau is a one of those good guys that does good work. He’s done a lot and he’s trying to give others the information they need to follow in his successful footsteps. His Unconventional Guides are all about helping people out. This particular one is about helping you start your own small business online. He put a lot of work into it and there are some great tips in here that I’m putting to use as we speak. Check out my review here.

AWeber (affiliate link)

I Heart

AWeber is the email marketing software of choice ’round these parts. Everyone from Chris Guillebeau (see above) to Ramit Sethi use them and I couldn’t be happier. They offer a great product at a very competitive price and their software is super easy to learn.

ING Savings

ING Logo

ING is great—this is where I park all my savings and any money I make from blogging. Right now the interest is pretty low, but still better than most other banks. Hopefully it’ll go back up near 4% soon. Email me to get a bonus $25 when you open your account.

DreamHost (affiliate link)

If you own a site or a blog that you host yourself, you’re going to need a host, and DreamHost is what I use. This part can be pretty scary because there are a TON of hosting companies out there and you’ll also hear some horror stories. I’ve had no problems with them despite doing a lot of research in January of 2010 when I was considering finding a cheaper alternative.

I couldn’t and am a happy customer.

Netflix (affiliate link)

I love watching movies and Netflix is awesome for that very reason. For uner $10/month I get one movie mailed to me at a time and on top of that I get access to every movie they have in their “Watch Instantly” library (over 17,000 at last count). All for free! And now I can stream movies to my TV via my Wii. Sweet!