Sep 10 2009

Make Your Computer Faster at Wisebread

Carlos Portocarrero


I have a new post up over at Wisebread that’s all about speeding up your current PC so you don’t have to buy a new one.

It may sound weird after recently writing about my new computer—but I only bought it after trying to fix the old one up.

Either way, make sure to check it out because commenters are including some great tips of their own, including some software that might be leaner and more efficient than the ones I suggested.

If you think the post is helpful, then tell your friends or retweet it. And any social media love (Reddit or SU) is much appreciated!

May 18 2009

New Post at Wisebread

Carlos Portocarrero


I have a new post up at Wisebread today about how valuable you can be at work. For those of you that don’t know, Wisebread is a great personal-finance site and I write the occasional post for them. My newest post is about versatility in the workplace. Are you a hammer or a swiss-army knife? Head over there to check it out and see which one you are.

I also wanted to mention the tab at the top of the site titled WC Around the Web. This is the page that I’m using to link to anything I’ve written that isn’t on The Writer’s Coin. Sometimes these are guest posts and some of them are things I’ve written for partners like Wisebread.

Sometimes I feel like writing about things that don’t really belong on this site (even though I can do whatever I want…I run the joint) so in an effort to get the word out about my writing and my site, I’ll do a guest post for another site. That’s why I wrote about running and money at LazyManAndHealth.

And sometimes posts will cross pollinate with each other, like my If I Won the Lottery post at Wisebread. It’s kind of similar to my All the Money in the World series of posts.

Anyway, make sure to check them out and let me know what you think!

Mar 24 2009

Writer’s Coin is at WiseBread!

Carlos Portocarrero


I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered together with WiseBread, a great personal-finance site that most of you have probably heard of and know well.

My first post is about the AIG bonuses and whether or not they should be returned or not. Personally, I don’t think the angry mobs should dictate what happens, but head on over to the post and leave your comments—there’s a pretty good discussion going on over there.

Keep an eye out for me over at Wisebread, where I go by the name WC Porter. I had to come up with a last name—you guys/girls like it?

Aug 27 2008

Reading for the Week

Carlos Portocarrero

I don’t do this very often, but today I looked in my “idea inbox” and noticed I had a lot of links to articles I wanted to highlight. So I’m going to list them all and give you an idea of why I enjoyed them so much:

  • Back to School: The Case for Majoring in English (@WiseBread): A brave title for a post, no doubt. All the rage right now is to talk about how majoring in something practical that will get you a specific job is the “responsible”/right thing to do, so I admire the moxie here. Textbooks as one of the main reasons, though? Please, that’s like picking a wife based on her nice hair. The point I always make when this topic is brought up (and I got a Masters in Writing, mind you) is this: you can always read and write and get together with people outside of work/class if you really love literature. I think it’s easier to “major in English” outside the university than it is to “major in” things like Finance, Economics or Business. So the way I see it, if you can only major in one, major in the one that will open doors for you and then do what you love on the side. An English degree, unfortunately, doesn’t have the prestige to open the big doors out there that a business/econ/finance degree has.
  • A Well-Rounded Education Doesn’t Have to Start With College (Yahoo! Finance): His basic point here is that taking a year off before going to college is a good idea. I won’t argue with him on that one, but he has some rules that I thought were good. For one, you have to pay for it yourself (I went to Paris on my parents’ dime) and it shouldn’t just be a means to an end. He brings up a very good point that I’ve been thinking about myself (and is brought up in a scene from Knocked Up when the husband talks about going to India) lately: there are some things you just can’t do when you’re older. Like go hiking for three months or dedicate yourself to writing a book without a care in the world. The mortgage and the kids await you so get cracking now.
  • Is a Positive Attitude Enough? (@The Simple Dollar): This one reminds me of that book/DVD called The Secret. I’m all about thinking positive, but if you don’t do something about it, don’t expect to get anywhere in life. In short, the answer is a resounding “No.”
  • The Psychology of Happiness: 13 Steps to a Better Life (@Get Rich Slowly): My recommendation? Go down these 13 bullets and see what you can work on. And trust me, if you work on them, you will be happier. I’m working on #1, #4 and #13 right now although I must say I think I have #10 wrapped up pretty well. It may may make me a little boring, but if I can apply routine to my writing I’ll be all set!
  • Millionaires in the Making (@CNN via Yahoo! Finance): This is an extreme case of Frugalitis. These people, and I give them props for it, have done a fantastic job of corralling their spending and investing their money into the future. Great job. But in my opinion it’s a little much. What’s the urgency to retire so soon in life? So you don’t have to do a job you hate? Why do the job in the first place then? Why not get a job you like that pays less and be happy the whole time instead of just until you retire? Maybe I’m jealous, but these people don’t seem to be enjoying life at all — they seem to just be saving up for some future that won’t be nearly as sweet as they think. See the first article — you won’t be able to do certain things in the future no matter how much money you have.

Hope you enjoy it! I’m off to write for the day.