The Boring Challenge

By Carlos Portocarrero

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Nobody wants to be called “boring,” but what if being boring could save you tons of money? As in thousands of dollars at a time?

Not so boring now, is it?

That’s what The Boring Challenge is all about. It started with my boring lunch post and then yesterday I launched The Boring Challege over on Wisebread.

What is it?

The Boring Challenge is all about getting people to save money in new and different ways that don’t sound very exciting. They may be boring, but that also means they’re easy to try out, at least for a week.

So if you practice frugality in a boring way, leave a comment on the Wisebread post and I’ll compile all of these later on.

If you’re someone looking for new ways to save, check out the comments and tune in later for a compilation post with all the different ways to save that people have sent in.

And don’t forget to include how much money being boring can save you!

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One Response to “The Boring Challenge”

  • frugalgrad Says:

    So now you return to the boring ways of savings after tons of articles on the net talking about exciting and weird way to save. This could be fun (irony, isn’t it). As long as the money is saved, it really doesn’t matter to me if it’s boring or exciting, and not as long as they’re weird. You are right, boring come with simplicity, and weird often accompany complication and down right strange.

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