Things to in Chicago do for under $5

By Carlos Portocarrero

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It’s kind of challenging (but fun) to think up activities you can do here in Chicago that are enjoyable and cheap, so here are some that I have done and are more than worth the price of admission:

  • Ride the Ferris Wheel: Ride one of Chicago’s landmark structures on Navy Pier for just $5.
  • Visit the Art Institute: Sure, it’s an expensive ticket. But get a passport from the Public Library for free and save your money. The only hassle is you’ll have to wait for one to be available.
  • Stand Under The Bean: This one is free, you’ll just have to go at 7am if you want to avoid the crowds.
  • Go to the Botanical Gardens: This is a nice one, especially in the summer. Get a couple of friends to drive with you and it’ll cost each one of you $5 (parking is $15). Or you can ride the Metra from the city to Braeside stop: that’s $4.30. You will have to find your way back though…
  • Visit the Garfield Park Conservatory: This one is free too! Parking is free or you can take the CTA green line train for $2.
  • Go see a movie: Join the Five Buck Club and after a movie has been out for two weeks, pay only $5 to get in!

Make sure you bring your camera (or snag a disposable for $4) and take as many pictures as you can! Enjoy Chicago!

3 Responses to “Things to in Chicago do for under $5”

  • brainy Says:

    Along side the Botanical Gardens, don’t forget the Lincoln Park Zoo which also has free admission!

  • GG @ This Writer's Wallet Says:

    Preach it, Brainy! You took the words out of my mouth or, er, keypad!

  • James Says:

    (For the summer months) A swim in the lake at Promontory Point. It is a wonderful place, a beautiful park, and a vibrant, diverse community hangs out there. A great place for a picnic. But the real feature is swimming off the rocks in Lake Michigan. Go to the North side of the Point and follow the locals’ lead. Any given summer day, you’ll find little kids splashing around, college kids playing frisbee in the water, people snorkeling along the rocks – lots of little fish down there – and folks sunbathing on the rocks. It feels like a tropical paradise. If you are a serious athletic swimmer, join the people deep water swimming. Forget the pool, this is the best swimming in the city. And it’s free.

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