Three Cheap Way to Watching Movies and Shows

By Carlos Portocarrero

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I love watching movies and good TV shows (which are rare, I know), but I’m also all for saving a buck or two. There are three ways that I watch movies (all legal, by the way) and each one is suited for its own occasion. So without further ado, here are three cheap ways to watch movies without breaking the bank.

  1. Five Buck Club: This is through Kerosotes’ special program, so you can only get this deal at their theaters. You sign up for the card and after a movie has been out for two weeks, you pay only $5 to see it. It’s a really great way to watch brand-new movies in the theater without breaking the bank. This year there haven’t been that many great movies out, but if I want to give one a try (or I just feel like sitting in the theater, which is usually a good time) I can shell out $5 instead of $12. If you don’t have Kerosotes movie theaters, look around — there are always deals to be had at theaters around the country.
  2. Netflix: Netflix is the best because of its convenience factor and its selection. You get any movie you can possible think of delivered to your door. And more and more, they’re focusing on delivering their movies digitally, so you can forget about relying on the postman. If you like foreign movies and documentaries, you’ll have a much easier time finding them here than at your local video stores (or at your probably-closed-down Blockbuster branch). Another great tip: Netflix is the perfect way to watch a TV show you may have missed. M and I got hooked on The Wire a while back and we’ve been feverishly watching it thanks to Netflix. We did the same with Lost a couple years ago. For a free trial membership with Netflix, click here.
  3. RedBox: Netflix is great, but what happens when you’ve recently returned a movie and haven’t gotten the next one on your queue? You really want to watch a movie tonight and since it’s Sunday, you know you’re not getting one in the mail. RedBox is a great way to watch recently released movies on DVD for very little money, often for free! They have there little red kiosks all over the place, but mainly at grocery stores like Jewel and such. Normally, they cost $1 per night, but if you come prepared it won’t cost you at all — they always have promotion codes out there that’ll net you a free movie every time you go. All you have to do is some creative Google searching and you’ll find a code or two that works. Just make sure you return the movie the next day, otherwise it’ll cost you. RedBox is a great way to get movies when you want instant gratification with no delay. Their selection is limited, but hey, that’s why you have Netflix.

Eventually, we’ll all be getting our movies via the Internet, instantly and with no delay. Who knows how much that will cost us. I just hope movie theaters stick around because there’s still something about sitting in a dark theater with a bunch of strangers that I find compelling (I realize how wrong that sounds). Anyway, if you watch movies and have different/better tips, leave a comment so others can also benefit.

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