Turn off the TV

By Nut

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Here is another great post by Trent over at The Simple Dollar.

It’s an old post that he just re-linked to as he talks about following your dreams.

Anyway, the former post is about turning off your TV and how it can be a great first step in getting things done and achieving your goals.

And I agree. It’s just so difficult for us to do it.

For the past two to three years I’ve thought about throwing my television out the window, seeing it smash against the concrete, and creating a new start for myself.

And this is before having cable (relax, I get it for free).

When I was 23 I went to Paris and stayed in a cramped apartment (it was a friend’s) in the Bastille area. I had very little space, tons of books, and no television.

I had one thing on my schedule every day: French classes from 9–1 every day. After that I could do whatever I wanted. Usually I walked around different parts of Paris that I had never gone to, wandered into churches and read/wrote, took pictures, or came back to my apartment and sat in a chair.

The beautiful thing about the arrangement (in terms of this cramped apartment) was that there was no TV. The temptation was out of the equation. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

All I did when I was in my apartment was read, sleep, and write. I would literally read for two hours, nap for one, then wake up and—seeing I had nothing else to do but read or write—I would continue reading. Or I would write.

It sounds simple, and maybe it was, but looking back it was the most productive, fun, happy, and “writerly” time of my life.

If a TV would have been in there it wouldn’t have happened.

Now I just have to get enough willpower together to live that way and make my lifestyle creative instead of just living in creative spurts.

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