Want to Start Your Own Empire?

By Carlos Portocarrero

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Empire Building Kit

Do you want to start your own one-man/one-woman business but have no idea where to start or how to get it done?

Then today is your day because Chris Guillebeau is opening up his Empire Building Kit for the second time ever, and it’s going to be awesome. He only opens it up for 24 hours at a time and I missed the boat the last time around.

That’s not going to happen this time.

What is the Empire Building Kit?

It’s a guide bursting with information, motivation, and passion to help you start your own business. The Empire Building Kit is a program that’s going to help you launch your own small business in one year by doing one thing every day.

I love that idea—it combines strategy and persistence to kick ass and accomplish an ambitious goal. It’s got case studies, videos, strategy guides, checklists, interviews, and more.

Wait a Minute…

Didn’t I just say I missed out on this the last time it was open? You’re probably thinking: Is this guy recommending a product he’s never tried?

Technically, that’s true. But let me tell you what I do know: the quality of Chris’ work.

When I missed out on this last month, I was devastated. OK maybe not devastated, but I felt like I missed out. So I bought his Working for Yourself Guide and it kicked ass. The level quality of the guide and of the information inside was awesome, and I know how hard he’s worked on the Empire Building Kit, so I know exactly what to expect.

Is this for you?

Maybe it is and maybe it’s not. But I don’t want you to feel like you missed out, so I’m trying to tell as many people as possible about it so they can go over to Chris’ site and find out for themselves. Maybe you need to do some research and start out with another of his products first—just like I did.

Or maybe you are so fired up you want to get started right away.

Either way, I feel like you should know about this opportunity since Chris is closing it up 24 hours after it opens—from today at 11pm EST to 11 pm EST on Wednesday, May 19.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Chris’ site—he does a much better job of selling than I can. And remember: he’ll open up shop at 11pm EST today and shut it down 24 hours later.

Oh and one more thing: once you buy something from Chris you can apply to become and affiliate and make some money off any sales you send his way. So if you’re interested in his products and I sent you there, I get a cut of the sale. Everyone wins!

Good luck!

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