Around the Web

Every now and then I’ll write something that shows up on other web sites. Sometimes it’s a guest post intended at luring some people over to The Writer’s Coin from a bigger site (mwahaha!) and other times it’s something I really wanted to write that just doesn’t fit into the money or writing topics. So I figured I’d put them all in one place so you can get your fix of all things Coin.


Wisebread: I have a partnership with them and that means you’ll see an occasional post from me over there. I’m putting the latest three in that sidebar on the right. They’re a huge site with tons of great writers.

Thanks to Wise Bread, I got some freelance gigs to write for American Express’ new personal-finance site: GetCurrency. Here are the posts I wrote for them:

Guest Posts: Sometimes they’re about money and sometimes about writing, but whenever I write something that I think gives a good idea of what this site is about, I like to get the word out. And if I write something totally unrelated, I’ll send it to a more appropriate site.